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Candle Burning Service ~ For Blessings and Abundance

This is a wonderful Blessing Candle Burning Service which we hold every Sunday.

It is perfect for when you need a burst of high-vibrating positive energy in your life to affect change in the areas of:

- Love
- Wealth
- Job
- Social Status
- Luck
- Protection

Your candle will be lovingly dressed with appropriate spell oils and herbs, blessed with specific energy and lit on our altar. We will send you a photo of your candle for you to keep.



Once you have ordered, we will message you to ask for your name, date of birth and what you would like your candle to be blessed with. This is a Sunday service, and so your candle will be blessed and lit on the next Sunday after ordering, even if you place your order on a Sunday (this is to cover the time differences thoughout the world, as we may have already set up or had the service by the time your order is placed). 

After the spell has been cast, a picture of the spell work will be taken and emailed to you, along with a short write-up. 


Please be sure to read through the spell FAQs, found on the FAQ page, so you know what to expect. 

Candle Burning Service ~ For Blessings and Abundance

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