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Happiness Oil ~High Vibrations

Sometimes, we just need a boost to get out of a rut of negativity. It can drag us in and keep us down. The problem is, our brains then start to get addicted to those feelings, and it takes a real push to get out of it. This is where our gorgeous Happiness Oil comes in ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Our wonderful Happiness Conjure Oil is blended with a variety of herbs and oils that are known to bring Happiness, Joy and High Vibrating feelings to the user. 


We make all of our beautiful Conjure Oils in small batches every month to ensure freshness and potency. We then cleanse each bottle with smudge, fill them and then charge them under the full moon, for extra cleansing and to add extra power.


There are a number of ways to use Conjure Oils, here are some suggested uses for our Happiness Oil:


- Start your day by dabbing your pulse points with the oil, whilst firmly stating your intention out loud and visualising the manifestation. Feel yourself letting go of the old feelings and embracing new, higher vibrations of happiness and joy. 

- Add 13 drops to your mop water before mopping the floor, or add a drop in the four corners of your home - concentrate on everything good in your life as you do this, and feel gratitude for all of those things. 

- Scratch your name and date of birth into whatever colour candle that calls to you. Anoint the candle with seven drops of oil. Light the candle whilst saying your intention firmly out loud and visualise what you would like to happen. Feel the negativity drain out of you, and decide right then and there to leave it in the past. Set an alarm on your phone for every half an hour, and when it goes off, list the things you are grateful for. 


Our oils are skin safe, though we highly recommend performing a patch test on a small area of skin before using properly. If you have allergies or very sensitive skin, please get in touch with me to discuss before purchasing (unless you are not going to be using the oil on your skin). 




Bottle size: 15ml


Please note: we do not offer refunds or exchanges, so please make sure the object in your cart is correct before purchasing.

Happiness Oil ~High Vibrations

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