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Protection Oil

Our Strong Protection Conjure Oil is a powerful spell oil, used to protect the user/wearer from curses, psychic attacks, low vibrational energy from others or objects, the evil eye, from being negatively watched and from general harm.


We recommend using this oil in conjunction with our powerful Curse Removal (Uncrossing) Oil if you feel as though you have already been cursed and need to lift that off you before you install protection. 


This amazing oil is assembled with an assortment of protective herbs which are known to bring a protective vibration. It is then finished with pieces of real black tourmaline, a crystal known for its protective energy.


We make all of our beautiful Conjure Oils in small batches every month to ensure freshness and potency. We then cleanse each bottle with smudge, fill them and then charge them under the full moon, for extra cleansing and to add extra power.



This is an exceptionally powerful oil gives protection from:


- Curses and hexes

- The evil eye and being watched

-  Dark spirits and entities

- Lower vibrational and heavy energy

- Harm and intimidation

Suggested ways to use this Strong Protection Conjure Oil:


-Anoint your wrists, or if you have sensitive skin, anoint a trinket or piece of jewellery that you will be carrying around with you for the rest of the day.

-Anoint the four corners of your home token your home and everything/everyone in it protected.

-Scratch your name and date of birth into a black or white candle. Anoint the candle with seven drops of oil. Light the candle whilst saying your intention to be protected firmly out loud and visualise what you would like to happen. We suggest casting at the Full Moon for extra power. 


Our oils are skin safe, though we highly recommend performing a patch test on a small area of skin before using properly. If you have allergies or very sensitive skin, please get in touch with me to discuss before purchasing (unless you are not going to be using the oil on your skin). 




Bottle size: 15ml


Please note: we do not offer refunds or exchanges, so please make sure the object in your cart is correct before purchasing.

Protection Oil

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