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Psychic Spell Oil ~ Connect to Intuition ~ Open Third Eye

Our Psychic Oil assists with opening your third eye ~ sixth chakra ~ during divination work. This could be whilst performing clairvoyant readings, tarot card readings, dowsing with a pendulum, astral travelling, visiting the akashic records, or even if you just need to get more in touch with your intuition for guidance. 


We make all of our beautiful Conjure Oils in small batches every month to ensure freshness and potency. We then cleanse each bottle with smudge, fill them and then charge them under the full moon, for extra cleansing and to add extra power.


There are a number of ways to use Conjure Oils, here are some suggested uses for our Psychic Oil:


- Anoint your third eye (point between your eyes and about half inch up) just before sitting down to do any kind of divination work.

- Apply to pulse points in the morning in order to connect to your intuition and have it guide you throughout the day


Our oils are skin safe, though we highly recommend performing a patch test on a small area of skin before using properly. If you have allergies or very sensitive skin, please get in touch with me to discuss before purchasing (unless you are not going to be using the oil on your skin). 




Bottle size: 15ml


Please note: I do not offer refunds or exchanges, so please make sure the object in your cart is correct before purchasing.

Psychic Spell Oil ~ Connect to Intuition ~ Open Third Eye

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