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How to make magic spells work successfully

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

There are many different methods for casting a magic spell. In another post, I will delve into these methods so that you can decide what resonates with you most. However, the method isn't really important. It's what you do afterwards which will determine whether or not the spell will work successfully.

There are four important keys to making sure your spell works successfully:





If you don't have patience and lose faith in the magic spell before things have had a chance to physically manifest, you will reject and void the spell. Thoughts are energy and they move energy - if they contradict what the spell is doing, they will make sure the spell is unsuccessful by simply undoing the spell.

The Power of Visualisation and Focus

Visualisation is the most basic and yet one of the most important techniques called for in magic. It is used to “see” what is not physically present and it is a powerful magical tool. Keeping your focus on the task at hand and not letting other thoughts intrude is equally vital.

For example, forming the circle, where the magic is performed, relies, in part, on the witch’s ability to visualise using her/his personal power to flow out of the projective hand or wand to form a sphere of glowing light and power around you and the area in which you are working. The visualisation itself doesn’t create the circle; energy creates the circle. The visualisation purely directs the energy which creates the circle (remember, thought moves energy: thought is energy – and the more precise and focused the thought is, the easier it is to move the energy).

To fine-tune your visualisation and focusing abilities, you can practice before attempting to use them in magic. There are many books and websites on the subject, but a nice simple method is to just sit with your eyes shut. Breathe deeply, relax your body and mind. Decide on an image you want to visualise – it could be something as simple as a spoon or as complex as a plant. Perhaps it is something you want to manifest in your life (at least, use this exercise to only visualise positive things that you are happy to attract into your life – law of attraction is a very close relation of this subject). Now visualise that image. You can turn it around, make it 3D, go up and down it, zoom in and out. But don’t let the image change into anything else. Keep all thoughts on this email and retain it for as long as you can. Other thoughts/images will try to break into your mind, but keep bringing back your original image each time that happens. Hold the image for at least five minutes. Once you are used to that, choose to see an image in your mind with your eyes open. Work at keeping it visible and real, wherever you look, whether that is if you are looking at a wall in your home or if you are walking around outside.

It is important to be able to visualise well, in order to direct energy properly and create the change we are wanting to do. This means learning to visualise in detail with our eyes open. Aim to master this technique as well as you can.


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