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Spirit Companionship


Spirit companionship is the practice of keeping spirits or entities as friends, life partners, mentors and/or guides. This happens via way of a spirit binding. It is also known as spirit keeping or spirit adoption.


How does it work? 

The spirit is tethered or bound to an object or a body part belonging to the keeper (you). This is a mutual agreement between spirit/entity and keeper. There is no forcing or slavery; full permission is given from both sides, and it isn’t harmful - if it is done properly. The spirit/entity wants companionship with a human, they want to be bound. Some want to help and teach, others want love, others want friendship. Still others want to be looked after and to feel safe. The reason will vary each time. 

Spirit keeping is a way of life and should only be entered into if you are sure you want the responsibility.

Below are the spirits we have vetted and are ready for binding. Each listing includes some information on them, though you will receive a full write up with more about them after purchase and once the binding has started. 

They are split into three separate categories - Light Arts, Grey Arts and Dark Arts. If you would like to only view a certain category, please hover over the Spirit Keeping tab in the main menu above, and from the drop-down menu, select your category there. 

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchase. 

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