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Sionia ~Woodland Elf, Female

Sionia, Woodland Elf ~ Spirit Companion.


Race: Woodland Elf

Alignment: Light Arts

Experience: Beginner-Friendly

Classification: Entity

Age: 239

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bi Sexual

Song Resonance: "Cuatro Vientos" (Danit, Rey&Kjavik)

Communication: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Images


Sionia is a beautiful companion, ready to settle down with the right person. She makes an absolutely stunning spirit wife, will tend to your needs, energise you, offer you support with whatever you need, and unconditional love. Her goal is to make the one she is with happy, and in return, she looks for affection, love and attention.

Woodland Elves are calm, serene, and difficult to surprise. They are at one with the world of nature, using what naturally occurs in the world to shelter or defend themselves, and thus are uncomfortable in cities.




A binding takes around 2-3 days to be completed. After ordering, you will be emailed and asked for your name and date of birth, and where you would like the binding - this can be on a body part of your own, or an object such as a piece of jewellery. A picture of where the binding will go is helpful for you to provide in your reply.

We will also ask you to schedule a time in when you can receive the energy (using the booking link provided in the email). 


If you have questions, please feel free to message us. 


On completion of the binding, we will message you a full write up which includes more information about your Spirit Companion. 




Please note nothing is physically shipped to you.

Sionia ~Woodland Elf, Female

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