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Saria ~ High Elf, Female

Saria, High Elf ~ Spirit Companion.

Race: High Elf
Alignment: Light Arts
Experience: Beginner Friendly
Classification: Entity
Age: 617
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan Sexual
Song Resonance: "Crossing Over" (Lawless, IO Echo)
Communication: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Images, Meditation

Saria is gentle and beautiful, though bold and courageous. She really enjoys the company of humans and is looking for someone with whom she can fall in love, and have them fall in love with her. She will make the most wonderful wife for someone looking for that kind of commitment.
She is emotional, passionate and empathetic.

She is also experienced in her own brand of magic, and will teach it if asked.

High elves come from a conservative warrior-aristocracy society. They are graceful, intelligent beings, with a greater capacity for intelligence than most humanoid races while also possessing an agility comparable with their elven kin. High elves are also unusually strong-willed and have a natural resistance to the effects of enchantment spells.

They have a great understanding of magic that they use to enhance their everyday lives.

High elves can be seen as emotional creatures, perceived by some as empathetic, as well as passionate about things they take liking to.




A binding takes around 2-3 days to be completed. After ordering, you will be emailed and asked for your name and date of birth, and where you would like the binding - this can be on a body part of your own, or an object such as a piece of jewellery. A picture of where the binding will go is helpful for you to provide in your reply.

We will also ask you to schedule a time in when you can receive the energy (using the booking link provided in the email). 


If you have questions, please feel free to message us. 


On completion of the binding, we will message you a full write up which includes more information about your Spirit Companion. 




Please note nothing is physically shipped to you.

Saria ~ High Elf, Female

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