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Simple Ways to Cast Magic Spells

There are several different ways to cast magic spells. In our previous blog post, I talked about how to make sure your magic spell is successful. Whichever method of magic spell you use irrelevant; the important parts of casting magic spells are listed in the other post. Basically, a spell is anything performed with magical intention. You can even cast a spell as you cook your dinner - as you add the basil into the dish, you can focus deeply on that basil and instruct it to bring you more money.

Also, spells do not have spoken words (incantations), but can do if you want them to.

However, you will need to choose a method so that you can cast the spell in the first place. How do you choose? Simply choose the method that speaks to you for that particular spell. You can change methods for different spells, or stick with the same method for every single spell. It is totally up to you.

One thing that is important with all the methods, is to raise energy when you cast your spell. You can do this by dancing around, running, chanting, beating a drum - but if none of those ways appeal to you, you can also raise energy with visualisation. You bring energy up from the Earth's core through your feet chakras, bring energy down from the cosmos through your crown chakra and let those energies meet and build within you. It's hard to describe, but you'll feel it when it starts building. It's an intense feeling in the middle of your body, that radiates out to your hands. You then focus that energy and direct it out through your hand chakras and into the spell as you light the candle or braid the string or work on the poppet.

Here are three very simple methods of casting magic spells:

Candle magic

Candle magic is a very simple and user-friendly place to start, whilst being extremely effective. Pick a candle of an appropriate colour for the spell (green for growth and money spells, red for love and passion, yellow for success, pink for romance and beauty spells, black for protection and banishing spells, blue for healing spells). If you wish to draw something towards yourself, write its name from the top of the candle to the bottom. If it's something you want to dispel, write it from the bottom to the top. If you like, you can dress the candle with supporting herbs, to give the spell more energy (we will address herbal properties in another blog post). To draw something to you, begin the spell on a new moon; to dispel it, begin on a waning moon. Raise energy from within your circle, then when you feel ready, light the candle, say your spell (if you have anything to say, if you don't, then don't worry) and strongly visualise what you want to achieve for as long as you can maintain concentration. If it's a small candle, let it burn out all the way. If you must extinguish the flame before it has finished burning, do so with a candle snub or your fingers (quickly and carefully!) Do not blow the candle out because this is disrespectful to the element of fire. Bury or burn the candle debris. Don't throw it away. Don't talk about the spell; and, once it's done, forget about it.

Witches' ladder, or String Magic

Using string in your spell is another very simple and effective method. Following the same colour and lunar pattern as for candle magic, each night tie one knot in the rope while strongly visualising what you wish to achieve. Tie the knots towards you to draw your object inward and away from you to dispel it. Witches' ladders have a long tradition in Cornwall, where they were commonly sold to fishermen before a trip out to sea. Untying the first knot would unleash a light breeze, the second a stronger wind and so on. A witches' ladder also refers to a string of 40 beads used like a rosary as an aid to concentrated repetition.

If you don't want to drag the spell on over a number of nights, you can simply braid the string together, whilst visualising your goal. Raise energy, say your spell, and keep focusing. This can then be left on your altar for a few nights, or buried straight away in your front garden. Again, forget about the spell, but do not lose faith.

Witches' poppets

Poppets are made from cloth, wax, clay or even Plasticene figures. They resemble the person on whom the magic is to be focused. They can be used in both white and dark magic - in healing and in destruction. For instance, if you wanted to heal a person's arm, then the poppet's arm will be bandaged up. If you want to stop someone sharing secrets or spreading gossip, then its mouth will be sewn up.

Important point to note about black magic: curses are very dangerous spells to cast. Understand that whatever you send out, will come back to you. Do not mess with other people's free will, because a) you wouldn't want them to do that to you, b) it will come back in the form of karma.


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