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Ways to connect with the spirit world

The spirit realm hovers on the outskirts of our everyday world, but for some, its presence can be profoundly sensed. As the Wheel of the Year transitions to Mabon and then towards the sacred days of Samhain and the air turns colder, the barrier between our world and the otherworld grows thinner.

While the autumn season offers a beautiful opportunity to commune with those who have passed, there are numerous ways to connect with the spirit realm throughout the year.

These suggestions can serve as a starting point for deepening your connection to the interconnected web of existence. While Witchcraft encompasses various practices, it's crucial to resonate with what aligns with your beliefs, ensuring that your engagement is respectful of the diverse community of Witches, your personal lineage, education, and ancestral traditions.

Deliberate Listening

Embarking on spirit work, one of the most supportive approaches to connect with the otherworld is to listen intentionally. Find a serene space, be it a garden, cemetery, library, or a place of personal significance. Ground yourself and express your intent.

Make it known to any nearby spirits that you are attentive and respectful of their intentions. Much like building human relationships, listening can form a foundation of trust, paving the way for the deepening of your practice.

Channeled Writings

Channeled writing, also known as Automatic Writing, offers a means to potentially communicate with ancestors and the departed. Ground yourself in your chosen space, take out your writing tools and paper, and set a timer. Write continuously, without judgment or an immediate need for coherence. Utilize an anchor phrase, such as "I am listening…" or "Spirits, are you there…" to signal your intent and create a container for your work.

After the timer concludes, review what has emerged. Pay attention to shifts in handwriting or tone.

Altar Construction

Creating an altar and presenting offerings can be a magical way to honor those who have preceded you. Altars can serve as focal points for rituals. To establish an altar, locate a flat surface in your home, like a table, windowsill, or mantle. Cleanse the area, perhaps using herbal smoke for purification.

Set your intention for the altar, and as you assemble it, incorporate photographs of ancestors, representations of ancestral land, icons or statues to honor diverse ancestral practices, elemental symbols, and candles.

Once the altar is prepared, activate it by lighting a candle and voicing your intent over the space, dedicating the altar. Leave offerings such as incense, herbs, or food for the spirits you are connecting with in this ritual space. Afterward, attend to the altar for a specified duration before dismantling it, and dispose of the remains in a flowing body of water or safely bury them in the earth.

Divination Tools

Engaging with divination tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, spirit boards, or oracle cards can facilitate communication with the beyond. These tools may provide spirit symbols, words, language, or imagery to aid in communication. Use your divination tools as usual, but state your intention beforehand to connect with spirits and allow them to communicate through the cards, guided by your benevolent ancestors and ascended masters for your highest good and that of the collective.

Plant Connections

Plant roots draw nourishment and life sustenance from the underworld. Plants are magical messengers with profound listening abilities.

Connecting with the spirit realm can be as simple as strolling through the woods or sitting with a particular plant. Plants embody the wisdom and messages of our earth ancestors. Moreover, using plants in ritual, such as burning them, can be a beautiful way to set intentions, purify, or induce visions. Some magical herbs to work with include Artemisia (Mugwort), Calendula, Cedar, or Juniper.

Beyond these five possibilities for spirit work, fostering a healthy relationship with death and the beyond forms a crucial foundation for these practices. As you begin to connect with the spirit world, acknowledge the poignant reality that life on this planet, as you know it, is transitory, and that the universal experience of death holds a divine essence.


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