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Celtic Cross Reading

A deep dive reading.


One of the oldest tarot spreads, the Celtic Cross is for those times when you really want to dive into the situation/problem.

This is a versatile spread which delivers vast amounts of information. It shows the current condition and the challenge, the past, the future, goals, what is contained within the subconscious, advice, energies/events that will have an influence over what happens, hopes/fears and the outcome of the situation. 


You will receive a detailed write up which is emailed as a PDF for you to keep.



Please let us know if you have a specific question or if you would prefer to have a general reading. 




Gaia is our resident Tarot reader - 


To perform your reading, I meditate to run energies through me and open up my Chakras, particularly the 6th (3rd eye) Chakra. This enables me to connect to Universal energy and connect to your own vibrational energy so I can receive information and guidance. I will then use one of my beautiful Tarot decks to pull the cards for you, read them and then ask Spirit if there is anything further to be shown regarding your situation.


I will then write up all my findings and send you your reading via email, which includes a photo of your reading



Disclaimer - I do not offer readings for medical matters, legal matters, illegal activities, gambling or death.

Celtic Cross Reading

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