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Energy Cleanse

Negativity can and does grow inside of our bodies. 


It attaches and sticks to our energy field and then becomes energy blocks. These blocks prevent vital, new energy to flow through that place where the block has formed. This then affects your every day life. What is affected, depends on where the block is located - it may be financial, relationships, career, health, friendships, happiness etc. 


Over the course of years, if not decades, this negativity will keep building, unless you get rid of it. 


This cleanse is to remove these energy blocks from your energetic field, so that you can manifest the life you actually truly want. 

You will feel like a big weight has been permanently removed from your weary shoulders. The choices that you make, even the most mundane, will lead to success, feelings of joy and confidence, and self-empowerment. Imagine the possibilities.



Once you have ordered, we will message you to ask for your name, date of birth and details of your situation. We will also let you know the date we will be casting your spell. Your spell will be cast within five working/business days.


After the spell has been cast, a picture of the spell work will be taken, the report will be written up, and both of these will be emailed to you. 


Please be sure to read through the spell FAQs, found on the FAQ page, so you know what to expect. 

Energy Cleanse

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