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Home Blessing - Protection

This is a protective spell for your home - or for your place of work, holiday home, car, loved one's home etc

The spell banishes any negative entities, blesses your home and puts up a protection around it, to prevent anything unwanted coming back, or any new unwanted entities from entering.

Using specific herbs, oils and candles, we perform the spell using a very specific energy blessing ritual which has been handed down to us.



Once you have ordered, we will message you to ask for your name, date of birth and details of your situation. We will also let you know the date we will be casting your spell. Your spell will be cast within five working/business days.


After the spell has been cast, a picture of the spell work will be taken, the report will be written up, and both of these will be emailed to you. 


Please be sure to read through the spell FAQs, found on the FAQ page, so you know what to expect. 

Home Blessing - Protection

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