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Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spell to sweeten your life and get what you want.

This old Hoodoo spell is for when you want to make someone sweeter, kinder and warmer towards you. The spell works to sweeten a person, a place or a situation.

This spell is especially powerful for:

- Love ~ Finding new love or putting the passion back into already established love
- Friendship ~ Creating new ones or sweetening old ones
- Justice
- Getting someone to hire you
- Getting a promotion or a raise
- Getting time off at work
- Stopping gossip
- Making haters nicer
- Many other situations where you need things to be sweet towards you and work in your favour.

Your Honey Jar is lovingly and expertly assembled, with ingredients chosen for their ability to give as much power to your situation as possible. These ingredients are specific herbs, spell oils, sugar, raw honey and your petition paper all filled in with your details. Once everything has been put together, the Honey Jar is sealed tight and the spell candle is placed on top. The next part of the ritual involves spell work to send as much energy into the jar as possible, and the spell candle is lit. The candle burns down, your Honey Jar sits on our altar for a week. It is then shaken up, a new candle is placed on top and lit, and your Honey Jar sits on top of our altar for another week. True spell work cannot be rushed, and spell work traditions are there because they work. This is why your Honey Jar will sit on our altar for a minimum of two weeks. 

After your jar has been assembled and your first candle lit, we will email you a picture of your spell, with some short instructions on how to help the energy merge with you as fast as possible.



Once you have ordered, we will message you to ask for your name, date of birth and details of your situation. We will also let you know the date we will be assembling your honey jar and performing the ritual. This will be done within five working/business days.


Afterwards, a picture of the spell work will be taken, the report will be written up, and both of these will be emailed to you. 


Please be sure to read through the spell FAQs, found on the FAQ page, so you know what to expect. 

Honey Jar Spell ~ Traditional Hoodoo Sweetening Spell ~ For a Sweet Outcome

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