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Lilith Sexual Attraction Spell

The Lilith Sexual Attraction Spell boosts your sexual aura and creates a glow that surrounds you and is picked up on by others.

This is a fun spell with real glamour magick used. This Spell puts a cloak of Lilith - the first female and the epitome of sexuality and divine feminine - energy around you, which will make you irresistible. Watch as your self-confidence rises and people around you start to notice you more.

This spell is for you if you are:

Looking to attract new love interests (or put the passion back into a relationship)
Wanting to look and feel classy, sexy and sensual.
Needing a boost to your confidence level
About to have an adventurous night out
Want to be alluring and exotic to those around you.

This spell envelops you in deliciously potent magick which brilliantly enhances the radiance of your allure and sex appeal. By nature, others around you become attracted to your powerful and confident magnetism.


Once you have ordered, we will message you to ask for your name, date of birth and details of your situation (if not provided). We will also let you know the date we will be casting your spell. Your spell will be cast within five working/business days.


After the spell has been cast, a picture of the spell work will be taken, the report will be written up, and both of these will be emailed to you. 


Please be sure to read through the spell FAQs, found on the FAQ page, so you know what to expect. 

Lilith Sexual Attraction Spell

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