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Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading


This 5 card spread reading is for checking in to see how your romantic relationship (or friendship) is going. It will reveal what the characteristics are that bind you together, the strength of your relationship and what makes it flourish, any weaknesses that you both need to work on, and anything that needs to be addressed - if there is a threat, what can be done. 


 Every relationship has its ups and downs and with this reading, you will be able to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner.



Please let me know if you have a specific question or if you would prefer to have a general reading. If your reading is about someone else, I will need to take their full name too. 


To perform your reading, I meditate to run energies through me and open up my Chakras, particularly my 6th (3rd eye) Chakra. This enables me to connect to Universal energy and connect to your own vibrational energy so I can receive information and guidance. I will then use one of my beautiful Tarot decks to pull the cards for you, read them and then ask Spirit if there is anything further to be shown regarding your situation.


I will then write up all my findings and send you your reading via email, which includes a beautiful photo of your reading



Please note - I do not offer readings for medical matters, legal matters, illegal activities, gambling or death.

Relationship Reading

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