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Soul Healing & Sprit Clearing

This is a powerful healing session for those who would like to go deep and clear deep wounds, bad karma, low vibrational energy and negative baggage.


This session includes:


Healing Deep Soul Wounds

Healing Traumatic Past Life Experiences

Clearing Deep Blockages

Clearing Bad Karma & Past Mistake Baggage

Breaking Ancestral Patterns 

Clearing Past Life Karma

Intensive Soul Healing


When you order, you will be emailed with a link to book your session in at a time which is convenient to you.


- It is absolutely fine for you to be sleeping when you have this session, so if the best time for you to take is when you will be asleep in bed, that is just as perfect as being awake. The session will work perfectly. The booking form will be in your timezone, wherever you are.


- If you pick a time when you will be awake, please ensure you will be able to either sit or lie down for the session. We recommend putting on some light music - like meditation music (easily found on YouTube if you don't have any) - so that you can get relaxed. Make sure you are warm and comfortable, and allow your mind to switch off as much as possible. This session is for 60 minutes.


- While the healing is taking place, you may experience inner calm, peace and uplifting feelings. Sometimes unexpected emotions may surface but this is part of the healing process. Allow yourself to process the emotions. You may see things behind your eyelids, like colours, lights, shapes, a whole scene with animals and nature - or you may not see anything at all. Whatever happens for you is totally normal. The healing is working, no matter what you see or don't see.


- After the healing, you will be sent an email to let you know it is complete. If any insights or messages from your spirit guides were picked up on, these will be included in your message. This doesn't always happen, but often does.



Please be sure to read through the FAQs, found on the FAQ page, so you know what to expect. 

Soul Healing & Sprit Clearing

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